Do you offer different lengths for your bracelets and necklaces?


The lengths of my available pieces are stated in each description. Lengths usually include the clasp, and account for how each clasp overlaps when closed, unless otherwise stated.

 If you need a bracelet or necklace of a different length please email me with “Custom Length” in the subject line and I will be happy to work with you to create the piece you need.


Do you work in gold or platinum?

I’m well versed working with all golds and platinum and I aim to offer those options on my site sometime in 2024.

If that seems like too long to wait then I am more than happy to work on a custom gold or platinum order for you. Please email me with “Gold/Platinum Custom Bracelet/Necklace”(leaving out non-applicable words: eg “Gold Custom Bracelet”)  in the subject line and I can put together a quote for you for your preferred metal.


Do you offer safety chains?

Yes, I can definitely offer the addition of a safety chain. As long as I have the safety chains in stock, they can be added and shipped without an additional wait time. If I have run out and I’m waiting on a resupply order then the shipment of your order will depend on the arrival of mine.

Please message me to check on availability to avoid delays or disappointment.


Where do you get your metals and gems?

All my metal is source from reputable American suppliers, which also supply most of the jewelers that I have worked for/with in the past.

The gems I source from both large suppliers and small independent cutters. The majority of the cutters, large and small, are based in the States, but I do order gems from some small family-run cutters in India and Thailand.